TAANZ NTIA Categories

Following is a full list of award categories of the TAANZ National Travel Industry Awards 2017.

Categories 1-13 and 24 will be judged by the TAANZ NTIA Judging Panel and require a presentation to the judges.
Categories 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 12 complete a judges summary factsheet.
Judges Summary Factsheet 2017 – Click here

Entrant guidelines for the judged categories are available by clicking on the category links below.

Category 1 Best Travel Agency Brand

Category 2 Best Brand Retail Single Location

Category 3 Best Brand Retail Multi Location

Category 4 Best Brand Corporate Single Location

Category 5 Best Brand Corporate Multi Location

Category 6 Rookie of the Year (NEW!)

Category 7 Best Young Travel Agency Executive (NEW!)

Category 8 Best Travel Consultant – Retail

Category 9 Best Travel Consultant – Corporate

Category 10 Best Travel Agency Manager – Retail

Category 11 Best Travel Agency Manager – Corporate

Category 12 Best Broker Brand

Category 13 Best Broker

Category 14 Best Wholesaler

Category 15 Best Niche Wholesaler (NEW!)

Category 16 Best International Airline – Online

Category 17 Best International Airline – Offline

Category 18 Best Cruise Operator

Category 19 Best River Cruise Operator (NEW!)

Category 20 Best Tour Operator

Category 21 Best Car Rental Operator

Category 22 Best Hotel Group

Category 23 Best Technology Supplier

Category 24 Best Industry Representative

Category 25 Best Agency Support


Open 9:00am Monday 27th March
Closes 5:00pm Friday 7th April

Open 9:00am Monday 8th May
Closes 5:00pm Friday 19th May

Monday 31st July until
Thursday 3rd August

Winners of the TAANZ NTIA 2017 will be announced at the gala dinner held Saturday 30th September 2017 SKYCITY Convention Centre, Auckland.