Code of Ethics

As approved by annual general meeting in Auckland, 19 September 2007 and amended on 2 September, 2009.
To operate as a travel agent in New Zealand it is not necessary to obtain any government licences. There is no specific legislation proscribing what travel agents may or may not do, or how travel agents are to conduct their businesses.

This is the case despite the fact that travel agents are involved in a complex, highly specialised dynamic industry with ever increasing alternatives in product and provider. Travel agents also handle large sums of money for customers and principals to whom they owe fiduciary duties.

The industry is in large measure self-regulated and TAANZ has taken the leading role in this regard by requiring that its members, which comprise the majority of New Zealand travel agents, meet and maintain high standards in terms of financial integrity, premises, qualified staff and ethical conduct.

It is vitally important to TAANZ and its membership that every TAANZ member maintains and promotes the reputation that TAANZ has as the organisation that represents professional, trust worthy, highly qualified, financially sound and bonded travel agents in New Zealand. To that end each is required as a condition of membership to commit to and each has agreed to be bound by this Code of Ethics. All TAANZ members are required and have committed to conducting their businesses in accordance with the principles and values set out below.