Why Choose a TAANZ Accredited Travel Advisor?

Before You Travel

Get set, let’s travel! – It is all so exciting to go away on a holiday but before you do have a read on some of the guides and advice we have below for you.

TAANZ Pre Departure Guides
Have your holiday go as smooth and enjoyable as possible – Once you have booked your travel plans with your TAANZ travel agent, use the pre-departure guide and pack like a pro checklists below to travel in confidence knowing you’re as organised and prepared as you can be.
Just click on the links, view, print, save, and travel!

TAANZ Pre-Departure Guide

TAANZ Pack Like A Pro Guide

Travel Insurance – It is highly recommended that you get travel insurance to keep yourself covered with risks you might face during your travels. A travel agent helps you plan your holiday to give you peace of mind but unexpected events such as lost luggage, medical expenses, trip cancellations, need coverage too which is why it is just as important to planning your holiday. So what are the types of travel insurance? What are you covered for?
Travel Safe and Consumer NZ have published a helpful guide to provide you these answers, click on the guide below to open and read.



Travel Safe – Keep friends and family informed of your travel plans, don’t forget to register your travel with SafeTravel –  visit their website to find out more information.

1. Advice

Accredited Travel Advisors work for you, offering you a world of choice. With years of
experience, they have long standing relationships with a huge range of suppliers. This
means you’ll always get an unbiased recommendation that allows you to make decisions
based on what works best for your needs and budget. . Find a TAANZ accredited travel advisor in your area

2. Expertise

Held to the highest industry standards, Accredited Travel Advisors are the best
in the business. All partners have the invaluable combination of formal training
and real-work experience, meaning they can offer you firsthand insights as well
as professional expert advice.

Read about the experiences and lifetime memories of these customers here

3. Peace of mind

Accredited Travel Advisors are committed to looking after you before departure and
beyond. Partners are bonded and must meet a strict set of financial standards that non-
ATA partners do not. They always have the accurate information you need to make
decisions regarding safe travel. And in the unlikely event that something goes wrong,
they will do everything they can to get you moving again as quickly, and with as little
disruption to your travel plans as possible.

The TAANZ consumer fund provides some remedy for customers of a failed TAANZ member.