Why Choose a TAANZ Agent?

1. People

TAANZ agents are trained destination and product experts. They work in a NZ owned and operated companies. Their accreditation means they are the best in the business and maintain standards just like other industries are expected to. They have access to an immense range of product that customers by themselves will not and will create for you a quality travel experience that suits YOUR needs, budgets and preferences. For your peace of mind TAANZ members are bonded and must meet financial standards that non TAANZ members do not. Find a TAANZ travel agent in your area

2. Knowledge

Been there done that, really! Formal training is important and destination knowledge is invaluable. TAANZ agents are well travelled, experienced in the popular and off beat choices. They can offer you first hand personalised insight to help you plan your next holiday, adventure or escape and save you hours of web browsing, the possibility of missing fine print and remembering your dream vacation for all the wrong reasons. Avoid disappointment and let your TAANZ agent do the work for you.

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3. Choice

TAANZ agents work for you and will make unbiased recommendations. They do not work for any one airline, cruise line, hotel chain or car rental company, but partner them all. They can aggregate a world of choices at their finger tips and let you make the choice that best fits your needs and budget.
There are so many different things to consider when planning travel. The internet will help you with information and offer you DIY tools but a travel agent will make sure you don’t make a purchase online that you may regret later. A travel agent provides you one point of contact and reference for your travel planning and will usually do so for a very small cost. If you need to change or add to your plans a travel agent can co-ordinate all of the air, hotel , car rental and tours for you. You can do all your shopping in the one place adding your travel insurance, foreign exchange and preferences along the way. It really is all about you and what you need. Before you go, your TAANZ travel agent will help you with any visas or destination information and your travel documents will be quality checked and all care taken to make sure your travel is incident free.

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4. Safe Travel

There is a lot of information in social media and your TAANZ travel agent makes it their business to give you the right information on your destination choices. Aggregating official travel advisories with global and local intelligence you can be assured that in the pre-planning stages and abroad you will have all the up to date information you need to make informed decisions about safe travel.

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5. Advocate

In the event something should occur that you had not planned, your TAANZ Travel agent will be there to help. Pre-trip or en-route delays, rescheduling and supplier issues when they occur are unforeseen but you can be assured that your agent will be able to assist and help you when you most need it to get you going again. All TAANZ travel agents subscribe to a code of ethics which are all designed to make their professional services to you their sole focus.

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