Brent and Sandi Draffin

“To Kay Rogers,

Just to give you a run down of our South African / Botswana /  Zambia Tour this June/July 2016.Our tour and guides and hotels that were organised for our 26 day tour were beyond our expectations.

Down to every tour and every safari camp we felt we saw a huge amount of South Africa and Botswana and saw it in the best most possible way.

From the Apartheid tour in Johannesburg with the poverty townships to Camp Moremi where we had a leopard rubbing against our tent accommodation and the stunning Camp Xugana where we met an elephant who was unhappy about letting us pass! we felt safe and so catered for!

Every step was so well organised we had nothing to wonder or worry about.

So the biggest thank you for making our Dream Holiday actually be the Dream Holiday we always wished for.”

‘If You Don’t See the TAANZ Sign, You’re Not Covered’!
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