Stephen & Barbara Finney 

“Nicola Sorenson has taken the trouble to get to know us, our likes & dislikes, what we like to do & how we like to do it, so whatever we book we know we won’t be disappointed, whatever advice she offers us we are confident it is in our best interests & not just to boost her sales. She also runs excellent, informative & entertaining travel evenings, anything she doesn’t know she finds out or puts us in contact with an expert.
This may all be part of the service you expect your brokers to provide, but when the unexpected happens & the service gets even better is when top people shine. Recently we were on a two month European holiday, a close relative died back in N.Z. & we had to return immediately, we rang our broker in N.Z. from U.K., within ½ hour, yes 30 minutes, she rang back with all return travel arrangements in place & they ran without a hitch. As a complication, we’d already booked another trip next year, it involved the partner & the person who’d died, the travel arrangements were different for all of the people involved; because of the death they all had to be changed. Again all accomplished with no fuss, absolute efficiency, sympathy & friendliness.
We’ve shouted her praises from the rooftops to all our friends & acquaintances, plus anyone who is contemplating travel, so now we’re informing you of how good she is, the name of this paragon is Nicola Sorenson. As long as we’re travelling & she’s working in the industry we’ll use her & continue to recommend her.
We hope there is some recognition you give for service, because Nicola certainly deserves it.
‘If You Don’t See the TAANZ Sign, You’re Not Covered’!

Contact: Nicola Sorenson
Phone: 64 3 686 6662 Mobile: 64 27 311 7539