Part II – TAANZ Members’ Responsibilities to Principals

2.1 TAANZ members shall fairly and responsibly represent the interests of all principals with which they have agency arrangements.

2.2 TAANZ members shall in their dealings with their principals honour the terms and conditions of their agency agreements. They shall fully acquaint themselves with the terms of their agency agreements and of their obligations thereunder.

2.3 TAANZ members shall familiarise themselves with the products of their principals and honestly and faithfully represent such products to their customers. TAANZ members shall not make any false, misleading, deceptive or dishonest statements concerning a principal or a principal’s products or services.

2.4 TAANZ members shall be cognisant of and shall further the interests of their principals by releasing promptly all unsold space and returning cancelled bookings with a minimum of delay.

2.5 TAANZ members shall not improperly attempt to influence the employees of their principals for the purposes of securing preferential consideration in the assignment of space or for any other purpose.

2.6 TAANZ members shall take all reasonable steps to help bring about resolution of any complaint or grievance that a customer may have with a principal. TAANZ members will promptly advise any principal of any complaint or grievance expressed to a TAANZ member by a customer concerning the principal’s product, facilities or services.

2.7 A TAANZ member who issues an e-ticket on behalf of another TAANZ member and does not require payment for the same at or before the time the e-ticket is issued shall be deemed to have extended to the other TAANZ member credit. The TAANZ member so extending credit shall not cancel the e-ticket it has issued and obtain a refund in relation to the same except where:
(i) the customer in whose name the e-ticket was issued requests that this be done; or
(ii) the TAANZ member who issued the e-ticket is requested to cancel the ticket by the TAANZ member on whose behalf the e-ticket was issued because the customer has not honoured the arrangements agreed upon for paying for the ticket.