Part III – Responsibilities to TAANZ and TAANZ members

3.1 TAANZ has established a reputation as the organisation that represents professional, trust worthy, highly qualified, financially sound and bonded travel agencies in New Zealand. To become a member of TAANZ an applicant must meet specified financial criteria, be bonded, have qualified staff and operate out of premises which meet specified standards. As such, TAANZ members owe TAANZ and their fellow TAANZ members a duty to uphold and maintain these standards both individually and collectively.

3.2 TAANZ members must at all times comply with the TAANZ Constitution and Rules, the TAANZ Membership and Bonding Criteria, the TAANZ Bonding Committee Regulations and with this Code of Ethics.

3.3 TAANZ members shall comply with and agree to be bound by the terms of the Hospitality Division Accommodation Agreement and any other collective agreement entered into by TAANZ on behalf of its membership.

3.4 TAANZ members in all dealings with other TAANZ members, with customers and with principals and in the conduct of their business generally shall not engage in unfair competitive practices.

3.5 TAANZ members shall treat each other with proper consideration and respect. They must not act in a manner that damages the reputation of TAANZ.

3.6 TAANZ members shall not seek to obtain any competitive advantage over another TAANZ member by simulating or copying any name, design or style, mark or pattern used by another TAANZ member or by a principal without first obtaining the written permission of the party in question.

3.7 Should a dispute arise between two TAANZ members each will promptly respond to the reasonable requests of the other made with a view to resolving the dispute. If the dispute cannot be resolved, then, if both parties agree, the dispute shall be referred to the TAANZ Board for resolution. For a dispute to be referred to the TAANZ Board for resolution, both parties must agree that the decision of the TAANZ Board shall be final. The TAANZ Board shall, as appropriate, seek the advice or assistance of a solicitor in formulating its decision.